The Drug Information
        Documentation Solution

Created by Drug Information Specialists for all Pharmacists

MediPro3 is an efficient cloud-based documentation system for Drug Information (DI) consults. It was created by DI specialists to enhance the quality of your service and to meet core educational competencies in Drug Information and Pharmacy Informatics. Established DI centers have been using the system to preserve and share their collective experience since 2000, recording 50,000 questions. We believe that the principles of both disciplines stimulates a lifelong a desire to understand beyond simply knowing. This applies to all clinical specialists. Today, more than ever, a skillful and systematic handling of the medical evidence is a necessity.  MediPro3 can add value to your practice in whatever form it may take. 

MediPro3 Features

    Dashboard design for rapid scanning of urgent questions.

    Advanced Boolean searching across years of records.

    Categorize by type, drugs, conditions, time, and expenses.

    Ability to add Subscribers and register individual Callers.

    Hypertext to references within responses.

    Permit responses to be searchable by other specialists.

    Ability to run aggregate and record-level reports.

    Manage users and permissions from Director to Student.

    Branding: unique sub-domain, logo, and colors available.

    Variety of Subscription Packages to suit your needs.




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